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Welcome to South African Home Of Loyalty Card Solutions.

We offer everything you need to start your gift card or loyalty card programme: loyalty card software, hardware, POS materials and custom printed plastic cards, all easy to use and at a great price. Our systems work out-of-the-box with minimal installation required.

EASYLoyalty™ is a proven and intuitive solution for loyalty programs. Our all in one card software can be implemented in-house using industry standard PC or point of sale equipment. EASYLoyalty™ will enable you to completely own and manage your own data and you never pay a transaction fee, or monthly service fees.


  • Easy to install on a Windows network, no need to upload transactions at the end of the day.
  • Easily Setup loyalty scheme incentives.
  • Easily Preset points-per-rand value so you just type in the amount when you make a sale, and the loyalty points are worked out and automatically credited to the card and recorded on your EASYLoyalty™ Software.
  • Easy Redemption: When a customer wants to redeem a loyalty scheme offer, just swipe the card and pick the offer.
  • Easy Points Correction: Our Software offers and UNDO button to correct mistakes or for product returns.
  • Easy Frequency Monitor: Swipe in, swipe out facility for fixed loyalty scheme points per visit.
  • Easy Reporting: Thorough reporting of loyalty scheme card customer transaction values and times. Easy-to-use filtering and sorting to find the customers you are interested in.
  • Easy Data Management: Export loyalty scheme customer data for use with mailing programs such as Microsoft Word, PDF, and EXCEL.
  • Hide EASYLoyalty™ in the system tray so you can quickly return to your POS system or other program. With proper hardware, EASYLoyalty™ can pop onto the screen with a simple card swipe.
  • Add or incorporate your existing POS mag-stripe reader and receipt printer.
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