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In response to the current market conditions, and large requests from retailers, MigrantCard Informatics has introduced an “Out of the Box” loyalty program solution named ‘EASYLoyalty™’. As the name suggests, the solution is quite easy to use and user-friendly. Loyalty Card Solutions should be Easy and not complicated. All you want to do is reward your loyal customers, drive up your turnover, and open up a line of communication with your loyal customers without breaking the bank!

This “off the shelf” loyalty card Solution comprises everything you need to start your Loyalty Card program immediately.

The fundamental aim of the EASYLoyalty™ is to make available the benefits of a structured loyalty Card program at an affordable price.

How it Works

The EASYLoyalty™ Card System is an Out of the Box loyalty card solution, and it’s very EASY to implement. EASYLoyalty™ Programs work in few Easy steps:
  • Print and program your plastic cards
  • Install the program on your particular POS System or PC
  • Train and set up your rewards program Points for Rand spent
  • Enroll your customers – load demographic information
  • Market them and Reward them
  • Receive In-depth Reports on your Customers
  • Watch your profits increase.
And all these and much more, you can achieve with the EASYLoyalty™ package. Our watch word is EASY; we make your rewards program easy to use and easy to manage.

EASYLoyalty™ is packed full of features to optimize your business operations, build customer relationships, and maximize profits.

EASYLoyalty™ installation and configuration wizard makes it easy to get up and running in a short time.

Our Card Readers are Plug and Play which makes it universal and easy to integrate into any windows PC or standard industry POS systems.

EASYLoyalty™ runs on Microsoft® SQL technology, leveraging the Microsoft SQLExpress® 2008 database platform. This technology provides businesses with unparalleled data integrity and integration.

EASYLoyalty™ has a standard touch screen interface which is intuitive and provides quick navigation. The system is so intuitive to use that very little employee training is required.
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