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If your question isn’t answered below, Please call us for more information on +27(0) 11 6222 600

Q What If I need more cards?

A We Supply You with additional cards as you need them in batches of 1000.

Q Can I add more features at a later stage?

A Yes You Can, Easy Loyalty application is modular and can be modified to suit your future needs.

Q Can my Staff alter records on the application without my knowledge?

A No, You Can set the user rights, and there is a log file for each transaction showing who did the transaction.

Q If my computer crashes do I lose my information?

A No, provided you backup your data regularly. This Feature is done with the click of a button. We recommend you do this weekly.

Q Can I replace a lost card without losing the points earned?

A Yes you can! Simply Click Replace Card on Clients profile.

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