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Why a Loyalty Card Scheme?

Reward loyal Customers
Loyalty cards bring customer retention. Encourage your customers to come back and spend more by setting up a loyalty scheme. You can even combine gift card and loyalty on the same multi-purpose card.

Build a Customer Database
It allows you to build a quality database of customer data to use for more effective marketing. This can be a valuable resource especially when running promotions and during low seasons.

Increase Brand Exposure
Put an advert for your store in your customers' wallets! Your loyalty Card is carried around in the wallets of your clients, advertising your brand and business.

Low Seasons
In these uncertain economic times it pays to give your customers that extra incentive to return to your store - money off! Structure your loyalty points so that your customers get more rewards the more they come back to your store, offer them a loyalty card!

Compete with the Big Retailers
The superstores offer plastic cards with their branding, why shouldn't you? Loyalty cards increase the brand awareness and quality perception of your store.

Industries that can benefit from EASYLoyalty™

Any business can benefit from our EASYLoyalty™ software package. Here are a few that have benefitted from loyalty Card schemes:
  1. Dining and Entertainment
  2. Travel
  3. Retail Business
  4. Clothing and Fashions
  5. Computers and Technology
  6. Beauty and Health
  7. Sport and Wellness (Health, Fitness, Sports, More …)
  8. Cars, Trucks and other Transportation
  9. Any Business with customers

What is a Loyalty program and How Does It Work?

A Loyalty program is a structured marketing effort that rewards and encourages, loyal buying behavior. They are marketing programs designed to enhance brand loyalty by cultivating an ongoing relationship between a marketer and his customer. There are two main goals to setting up a loyalty scheme:

a. To provide incentives for your customers to return;
b. To build a quality database of your customers' details and spending habits.

Our EASYLoyalty™ software makes both simple. As regards to Customer Incentives, The EASYLoyalty™ software makes it easy and can handle most ideas you may have for your loyalty scheme.

The most commonly used loyalty scheme works as follows:

  1. Each time you swipe a loyalty card through your till, the software automatically calculates how many points to award based on a preset points-per-rand value you can set. For example, you might want to award 5 points for each rand spend in store. You can also award points for each visit to your store (for example you run a club and you want your patrons to visit more often, you can award points for visits).
  2. The EASYLoyalty™ software lets you easily setup customer incentives for example, earn 1000 points and get 10% off a purchase or a free meal.
  3. The next time the customer comes into your store to make a purchase, they present the receipt or tell the sales assistant which offer they would like to use - the card is swiped and the offer is easily chosen. If the customer has enough points then the 1000 points are deducted from the card and the sales assistant can apply the offer to the purchase.
  4. To Build Customer Data, a form can be provided for the customer to fill in when they request a loyalty card, the sales assistant just writes the card number on the form, or the customer's details can be taken at the point-of-sale and typed into the software directly. The EASYLoyalty™ software allows for as many details as you require to be stored about each customer.
  5. Each time a customer uses their card, the EASYLoyalty™ software records information about the amount of the sale and the date, allowing for tracking of the customer's spending habits.
  6. Easy-to-use but powerful reporting gives you access to your customers' details in list form or on a per-card basis.
  7. Easy Marketing: At the click of a button you can send SMS or Email to your clients informing them of a promotion, happy hour, double point’s day etc.

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